Atwater Village Sunnynook Bridge, Los Angeles, California, love locks engraving, gift engraving, unique gifts

Lovelocks in Los Angeles, California, engraved padlocks, engraved lovelocks, custom lovelocks, engraving, unique gifts
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The bridge was built in 1929. It spans the Los Angeles River in Atwater Village near to Glendale Boulevard. Not far from the Bridge a little, romantic park can be found. Behind the Sunnynook Pedestrian Bridge’s love lock history stands a couple, who saw their first ‘love lock bridge’ in Copenhagen.  The lovers attached the very first padlock to the railings in 2013. Couple of months later they married there and affixed some more padlocks in the presence of wedding’s guests. The variations of the different love locks are almost endless. Locks voted to pets or family cohesion are also pretty common. Beside so much other countries, LA is also waiting for the couples.

Love locks engraving.