Elisabeth Square – Budapest - Love locks- Hungary

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Budapest is located in the heart of Europe as the capital city of Hungary. At the Danube’s left side – in the center of Pest – a lovely square can be found, the Erzsébet tér or Erzsébet square. The largest green area in Budapest was named after Elisabeth – mostly known as ‘Sisi’ – who was the wife of Franz Joseph. At the heart of the beautiful park stays a growing pear tree. It is commonly mentioned as the Love Tree. Its origins are linked to a Hungarian Internet dating service. They decided to plant a tree, where couples can have a date in the nature, as it was custom in the old times. In October, 2008 the tree has been surrounded with a fence in order to protect it and of course to give a place, where the love locks can be affixed. The Erzsébet square is a perfect place, where you can symbolize your everlasting love!