Love Locks in Australia-Sydney

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Sydney is the biggest city in Australia. It is no wonder that the favorite tradition of couples in Europe found its way to Sydney. The history of love locking is not easy though in this city. In 2010 the love locks started to appear on the harbor side pathway on a gabion basket and the Sea Cliff Bridge. The rock wall at Birchgrove was covered fast with padlocks. In 2012, two years later, the love locks started to appear on the Sydney Harbour Bridge as well. The bridge was built in 1932, and it is known as one of the symbol of Sydney. Unfortunately for the couples the government decided to remove the padlocks because of safety and maintenance issues. Another two years later, in 2014, the Sea Cliff Bridge had to say good bye to its love locks as well. However, the local government supports the tradition and the couples. They are planning to install a permanent structure, near to the bridge, which could guard for good the symbols of love. Hopefully, soon this will come true.