Norfolk's Hague Bridge , Virginia

Norfolk's Lovelocks Bridge, lovelocks, engraved padlocks, engraved lovelocks
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The historical Hague Footbridge is located in Norfolk at the corner of Botetourt Street and Mowbray Arch. Sometimes the bridge is also mentioned as the entrance of Ghent neighborhood in Norfolk. More and more love locks can be found on its railings. Colorful and monochrome, simple and decorated, new and old padlocks give a fresh look to the famous bridge of Norfolk. These various latches symbolize the eternal, never ending love of couples, or even the commemoration of a beloved one, who has passed. However, the citizens and the local government had a little issue about the padlocks, but fortunately for the tourists and lovers the city crew has no intention to remove the love-symbols. Last year more than 350 love locks were attached to the bridge, and the number is growing day by day.