Australia Toowoomba

Australia Toowoomba
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Toowoomba is located in Australia. The city, which is also known as The Garden City, is in Darling Downs region of Queensland. It is the 16th largest city in Australia and the 6th in Queensland.

No wonder that one of the loveliest tradition from Europe found its way to Toowoomba as well.

The love locking is basically symbolizing our eternal love for each other with attaching a padlock to a bridge or fence and throwing away the key.

A fence at Picnic Point became the home of the symbols of eternal love. A local couple was inspired by the earlier mentioned European tradition near the waterfall with red lettering.

Unfortunately because of the fence’s bad condition the government plan to replace it. However they don’t want to stop the beautiful tradition. In order to this a fence panel has been installed away from the original, current love lock.

It is good to see, that the local government supports the initiation of love locking.

And furthermore there are great cafés and restaurants. It is a good opportunity to spend a perfect date with your love.