Perth Australia Love Locks
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Perth is the biggest city of Western Australia, and the 4th most populous settlement.

Its most famous tourist attraction and the beauty of the city is the Bell Tower. The unique Bell Tower gives home for 18 hanging bells which weight approximately 9 tonnes. The heaviest bell weights almost 1,5 tonnes. These bells are mostly known as the Swan Bells. The name got from the Swan River.

These bells are world-wildly known, because of their special background story. 12 of the bells came from Trafalgar Square (London’s most famous church). The “St Martin-in-the-Fields” were a gift from England to Australia. The origins of the bells go back to the 14th century and if we read about them we can come across even with Quenn Elizabeth’s name.

The extraordinary, modern looking was designed by a local architect Hames Sharley. The building is 82,5 meters high and was made out of glass and copper.

At the Bell Tower there is a chain, on the right side of the building, facing the entrance. This chain is full of with padlocks. These padlocks are not just simple padlocks. They are symbolizing the everlasting love for someone: a girlfriend or boyfriend, or a family member. You can easily attach yours too.

After this romantic gesture you can have a walk on the renewed Barrack Square – which surrounds the tower – and grab a cup of coffee, or have a romantic dinner in one of the restaurants.

Perth is a perfect place to lock your love.