Lovelock Bridge Szinva

Lovelock in Hungary-Miskolc-Szinva Bridge, engraved padlocks, engraved lovelocks, custom lovelocks, heatr lovelocks
  • HungaryMiskolc

The Szinva- Terrace is one of the beautiful squares in the downtown of Miskolc. At the south end of the terrace lies the Szinva-bridge, which also marks the end of the terrace. The popular gathering place’s name comes from the Szinva- stream, which crosses the city. On the tiny although charming bridge showed up the first love locks in 2005, when the square renewal finally ended. Since then the bridge is called „Lovers’ Bridge” or „Padlock Bridge”. After a little more than a decade the little bridge has hundreds of different love locks. This lovely tradition made a simple bridge into an iconic place in Miskolc.