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Ljubljana love lock

Ljubljana is the largest and the capital city of Slovenia since 1991. It has a long history beginning from the era of the Roman Empire. The Butcher’s Bridge crosses the Ljubljanica River in the city.

Uruguay Montevideo Lovelocks

Montevideo is the largest and main harbor city in Uruguay and the capital city as well. The tradition of love locking has spread here as well as in almost all of the countries in the world. Although Montevideo has a special twist in placing love locks.

Russia Moscow Love Locks

Moscow is the capital city of Russia, which is the biggest and most populous country in Europe. 12.2 million people lives in Moscow. There are several people on this city, who would like to express their eternal love. That’s why the Luzhkov Bridge gives home to numerous love locks.

Prague, Czech Republic love lock
Czech RepublicPrague