The romantic and creative story of Anita and Balint in Paris.

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In the middle of 2013 Anita and I were watching a French film, which had a scene with the Pont de Arts in it (Bridge of arts, or “Lovers’ Bridge”). At that moment, I decided that when the time comes I would ask for her hand there. Early in 2014 I reserved accommodation in Paris for the 6th of December for two nights. I wanted it to be a huge surprise and I did not want her to suspect anything, so I told her that this trip is her Christmas present. I knew that I didn’t have much time for a distraction, so when an old friend contacted me on Facebook, asking about us, I wrote that everything is fine, and I plan to ask for her hand in 2015. I only had to wait for her to read the messages after I “accidentally” left my phone or laptop obviously unlocked, or laying on the table. After she read it, I didn’t have to worry anymore :-) ! Before our trip, I had a love lock made at, which can be seen on the picture attached.

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After arriving on the bridge in Paris, Anita was looking at the Seine River. Meanwhile I took out the lock from my pocket with the ring locked onto it. This way, the big question itself was not asked with the ring, but with the key itself! After we took the ring off the padlock and put it on Anita’s finger, we locked the padlock on the bridge and threw the key in the river according to tradition. If you would like to get the same YES! reply the way I did, than it is indeed worth to be creative. :-)

Anita & Balint