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Lovelocks in Melbourne
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Melbourne is one of the biggest cities in Australia. It is the capital city of Victoria State. The tradition of love locking sneaked its way to the city around 2000. The Southgate Footbridge housed the thousands of padlocks for more than 10 years. It crosses the Yarra River and connects the Flinders Street Station with Southgate. It is relatively new, the building works ended in 1992. Unfortunately, the love locks had to go. The Melbourne City Council (MCC) decided to remove all of the padlocks from the bridge, because of the dangerous weight. The “damage” was obvious, the railings’ wires sagged under the enormous weight of the padlocks. The workers used bolt cutters at first, but it was a too slow solution for removing more than 20.000 love locks from the bridge. Thus, they temporarily disconnected the wires and dragged down the padlocks into buckets. The spokeswoman of MCC confirmed that the disposition was necessary because of safety issue. Naturally, it is a huge question – mostly for the love lockers – what will be the faith of the symbols of love. For now, the padlocks go to a storage. There are no concrete ideas, but more different scenarios are known. For example a local bar near to the bridge offered place for the love locks as a big part of the refurbishment. Another idea came up during the brainstorming. The padlocks could be melt down for a public art, thus create a big part of the city’s sightseeing, not to mention that it is also a great way to keep the symbol of love alive. Now that the Love Lock Bridge lost its love locks, the Council is considering the renaming of the bridge. A possible choice is Evan Walker –who was an Australian politician - Bridge. We are curiously waiting for the recycling of the love locks.